How To Make Space for Video on Your Computer

How To Make Space for Video on Your Computer
You also need the RAM (random access memory) built into your computer that can handle all the rendering that comes with editing video. When you edit video, there are often many layers–effects, shots, audio–and all those layers need to be smooshed into …
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What's better for your computer, shut down or sleep?
Keyboard illumination, if your portable computer has it, turns off. The contents of the computer's RAM (random access memory) are retained during sleep, so power to the RAM chips is active during sleep. Computers with more RAM will use slightly more …
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Tango Tech launches world's most powerful smartphone-sized PC
The device can be preconfigured with up to 8GB RAM and a Terabyte SSD; users can also easily install after-market RAM or hard-drives with the removal of two screws. You might be wondering how Tango can fit a desktop sized computer into …
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